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Boost! Listening 1

Boost! Listening 1

Boost! Listening 1
Student’s Book | Audio CD | Teacher’s Book

The Boost! Skills Series is the definitive and comprehensive four-level series of skills books for junior English learners. The series has been developed around age-appropriate, cross-curricular topics that develop students’ critical thinking and examination techniques. It follows an integrated approach with each of the skills brought together at the end of each unit.

The twelve core units in Boost! Listening 1 follow a clear and transparent structure to make teaching and learning easy and fun. The listening skills build and progress across the four levels of Boost! Listening and are correlated to the next generation of tests of English.

You will find the following in Boost! Listening 1:
• Age-appropriate and cross-curricular topics
• A wide variety of listening contexts, both academic and real-world, including dialogues, interviews, radio programs and announcements, class reports and lectures
• Listening practice of natural native-English pronunciation and intonation
• Units paired by theme, with a review unit for each pair


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