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Architecture Principles: The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture

The creation of this book would not have been possible without the contribution of
others. In particular, many of the ideas have been based on discussions we had in
the architecture principles working group of the Netherlands Architecture Forum
(NAF). We would especially like to thank Louis Dietvorst and Pieter Buitenhuis
for their valuable contributions. Our thoughts are also with Leo Hermans, who con-
tributed enthusiastically to the working group, but has regretfully passed away. We
also thank the students who joined the working group and contributed to the concep-
tual framework with their master thesis: Martijn van den Tillaart, Koen van Boekel,
Niels van Bokhoven, Teun Huijbers, Harry van den Wollenberg and Jordy Kersten.
We would also like to thank the people that contributed content to the book,
such as case descriptions. Our book would not have been as valuable without the
contributions of Charles Hendriks, Joost Peetoom, Erik Kiel, AnneMarie van Rooij,
Ronald van den Berg, Peter Bergman, Erik Saaman, Benny Prij and Louis Dietvorst.
We also thank all the people that reviewed draft versions of the book and provided
us with important feedback: Christian Fischer, Dirck Stelzer, Eric Schabell, Erik
Vermeulen, Erik Saaman, Erwin Oord, Frank Harmsen, Jan Dietz, Jan Hoogervorst,
Joost Lommers, José Tribolet, Marc Lankhorst, Mathias Ekstedt, Monika Grün-
wald, Peter Beijer, Pontus Johnson, Raymond Slot and Remco de Boer. Very special
thanks go to Joost Lommers and Peter Beijer for their elaborate review comments.
We would like to explicitly thank Len Fehskens for being a source of inspiration for
our book, for providing insights on the essence of architecture, and for writing the
Finally, we would also like to thank our respective employers, ArchiXL, The
Netherlands and the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg, as well as
the Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg and the Netherlands Architecture
Forum, in supporting the creation and publication of this book.

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