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UMTS Signaling

UMTS Signaling: UMTS Interfaces, Protocols, Message Flows and Procedures Analyzed and Explained, 2nd Edition

UMTS is real. In a continuously growing number of countries we can walk in the stores of mobile network operators or resellers and take UMTS PC cards or even third-generation (3G) phones home and use them instantly. Every day the number of equipments and their featuresets gets broader. The “dream” of multimedia on mobile connections, online gaming, video conferencing, real-time video or even mobile TV becomes reality.
With rapid technical innovation the mobile telecommunication sector has continued to grow and evolve strongly.
The technologies used to provide wireless voice and data services to subscribers, such as Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), continue to grow in their complexity. This complexity imparts a time-consuming hurdle to overcome when moving from 2G to 2.5G
and then to 3G networks.

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