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Respected Sir,

I really hope my letter finds you in good health. Being a big fan of yours, I have always wanted to write to you but I could never find the perfect words to honor you and show you how you have been an inspiration for me through my life. But today, through this letter, I want to congratulate you on all your victories and success.

Every person has a role model of whom he wants to follow the steps. You are the one for me. When you play, the whole world stops by to see your game and you inspire millions to compete and win the games they are good at. After every four years, you make us look forward to the Olympics. When the Olympic Games are held, people from all over the world, representing their country, compete each other on the basis of the skills and practice they have.

On the minor scale, all of the athletes appreciate and encourage us to participate and succeed in our school and college sports competitions. I have always loved you playing Badminton and it is one of my favorite sports. I’m on my college Badminton team. Watching you win all those medals just makes me crazier about Badminton and increases my zest to compete and win.

I was not a very sporty person until 2000 when I first saw you playing Badminton. The way you move your racket and handle the shots, it is just amazing. I’m always trying to learn your tricks and practically apply them when I’m having a match with the opponents. Olympics have taught me some great aspects of sports like it keeps you healthy, physically and mentally.

Olympic Games are an international platform for those who want to show the world that yes they are unique and the best! Along with being God-gifted, practice makes a man perfect and one who possesses both have been recognized by Olympics and rewarded accordingly. Having competitors from all over the world, Olympics choose the best ones and give them recognition in the world. You have earned a name from it and having won so many awards, it might just seem so easy for you to grab a few more. But for me, standing at the Olympics platform is like a day dream which I can never fulfill but it keeps me striving to achieve the best and improve myself in all aspects.

Seeing you win so many awards and medals in a row keep my spirits high and consequently, I have developed a passion for Badminton. I wish I could stand there and watch your game live, though I’m aware that it is quite near to impossible. If I’m ever able to meet you, I would love it if you teach me some good tips of Badminton. I’ll be looking forward to that day when this wish would come true.

I wish you best of luck for the future. May you keep winning and going up the stairs of success. All my prayers are with you. I’m grateful to you for spending your precious moments in reading the letter of a great fan of yours.

Aroosa Javed

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