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VIP Global Leadership Program – Học nói tiếng Anh tự tin và hiệu quả

VIP Global Leadership Program

I want you to feel confident when you speak English. So right now, in fact, you need to put your shoulders back and I want to see a smile on your face and I want your chest to be up and I want you to breathe deeply. Remember, we have to change our body that’s the first step. It’s not the only thing, but it’s the first step to getting more confidence.

When our chin is up, our shoulders are back, chest is up, we’re smiling we have more of a feeling of confidence, of strength and relaxation. So be sure to do that every time you listen to English, speak English, and watch my videos always, very, very, very important.
So that’s the first step.
Now you’re going to learn confidence, you’re going to get, you know, new English of course from these lessons, but also we’re going to learn leadership. Every single month I’m going to send you audio commentaries and a little video about the topic of leadership. And sometimes I’ll use that movie technique, I’ll pause and explain...


Download và Xem Tài Liệu đầy đủ :

VIP Global Leadership Program
(UPDATE 08-02-2012)



Download và Xem Tài Liệu đầy đủ :

VIP Global Leadership Program
- Download all files, change their extension from .Rar.html to .Rar only (delete ".html") and extract files.


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