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Talk Time 3

Talk Time 3

Talk Time 3 - Student Book with Audio CD

Everyday English Conversation - The conversation course that gets students talking – confidently!
Talk Time is a three-level conversation course that provides speaking and listening practice based on everyday situations. Gentle progression of communicative activities in each lesson makes it ideal for less confident students.

Key Features
*Each lesson begins with pattern practice, and culminates in free speaking practice.
*The grammar-based syllabus and thematically related vocabulary are recycled throughout to build confidence.
*Vocabulary organized around related lexical areas helps language acquisition.
*Listening and grammar presented in manageable chunks allows for plenty of speaking time – about 80% of the activities involve speaking.
*Conversations combine the vocabulary and grammar point of the lesson, allowing students to use language in a natural context.
*Check your English, a review page for each unit, lets students check their progress.

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Talk Time 3

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