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Contemporary Topics 3 Second Edition

Contemporary Topics 3 Second Edition

Contemporary Topics 3 Second Edition
High Intermediate Listening and Note-Taking Skills

Contemporary Topics 3 gives students practice in the skills they need for academic success. Advanced students of English develop listening and note-taking skills as they listen and respond to twelve lectures from diverse disciplines, ranging from communication studies to computer science to psychology. Exercises focus on identifying key information and organizational patterns and summarizing ang reconstructing lectures from notes.

Key Features

• Realistic lectures on topics of current interest.

• Pre-listening activities designed to activate prior knowledge, to introduce key vocabulary, and to provide notetaking tips, models, and practice.

• A wide range of listening strategies including predicting, inferring, listening for the main idea, and listening for details.

• “Using Your Notes” lecture review activities.

• Projects including in-class discussions, presentations, contact assignments, and research projects.

• Listening quizzes for each unit in the audio program.
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