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Tiếng Anh cho ngành Kế toán - English for Accounting

English for Accounting ( Book and CD)
Oxford University Press | 2007 | ISBN-10: N/A | ISBN-13: 9780194579100 | 336 pages, Audio CD | PDF, mp3 | 70,9 MB

English for accounting is part of the Express Series. It is the ideal quick course for anyone who needs to communicate with colleagues and clients about accounting and financial matters. It can be used to supplement a regular coursebook, on it's own, as a stand alone intensive specialist course, or for self study. English for accounting will be a very useful reference work to have by your side at work

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English for Accounting
sao em tai ilivid ve rui ma van ko đoa duoc tai lieu vay
giup e voi

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co phai clich vao hang chu do nay không?
thaovansv - 12:18 PM 01-10-2013
sao mo ra la cu vao tai ilivid vay ne.?