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Unicity problem with truncated multiplicities, of meromorphic mappings in several complex variables

Pham Hoang Ha (Hanoi National University of Education), Introduction, The unicity theorems with truncated multiplicities of meromorphic mappings of into, the complex projective space sharing a finite set of q fixed hyperplanes in have, received much attention in the last few decades, and they are related to many problems in, Nevanlinna theory and hyperbolic complex analysis (see the reference in [A], [TQ1], [TQ2], [DT1], [DT2], [DT3] for the development in related subjects). In the case where multiplicities, truncated by 1 or 2, the first results due to H. Fujimoto [Fu] and, L. Smiley [S] when q 3N+2, and the recent results due to Thai!Quang [TQ2] and Dethloff!, Tan [DT1], [DT2] when 3N'1 q 3N+1., How to say about the unicity theorems with truncated multiplicities in the case where

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